Thursday, December 2, 2010

the road to success is not easy :)

So I have been going to the gym for a few months now! AND I AM VERY HAPPY. I absolutley Love the gym. Get Fit 24/7 is an awesome place with really cool people. its a comfortable environment to go work out in. I like going to the gym, its a new adventure everyday. Randy Green my personal trainer at the Gym is amazing, He is very good and knows what he is doing, Im hope i can gather up enough money so i can start back into training with him again, I totally miss it... YES i said i miss training... yeah it may be hard, adn i may not want to do it when im there and he is telling me what to do, but I know now, from the results I am getting, ( 50 lbs down) that It is SO WORTH IT!!! I would so reccomend the gym to everyone and anyone. Get Fit 24/7 is fun and the staff is great! <3 I met my first fitness goal and im on to my next!

I cant wait to show you all the progress i will have made in one year, I am starting to keep pictures and records of my fitness adventure... STAY TUNED... <3


  1. Jenn. I am so proud of you! Your an amazing person! And i know that you will continue working out until you reach the goal/results that you want. Good for you!

    ps. How much is a membership to get fit if you dont mind me asking. ive been looking around but i havent checked there

  2. there are different prices, I think the prices range from 39.99 to 49.99 a month... they also offer a family plan as well. if your interested go in and talk to Mike he is the owner he is pretty awesome and you can maybe get a 7 day trial to check it out. I love it.. and if you do decid to sign up if you tell him you heard about it from me I get some perks from refferals.