Tuesday, December 28, 2010


January- I started the year off attending a school in Sacramento Call IADT for Graphic Design. I actually liekt he major its pretty cool. Bridgette and I also attended classes with New Era Trainings there Explore Workshops. Self improvemnet to help better our lives. I got alot out of those classes.

The rest of the year is a blur! it has went by so fast.... McKenna has been growing up. I love my niece and have got to spen alot of time with her.
I traveled alot this year. Nashville, Hawaii, Colorado! WOW!

I started my lifestyle change near the end of the year! Im so happy about it My life was turned around 360. I have been going to the gym since October and couldnt be happier, I have an amazing trainer named Randy Green who has been helping me reach my goals. I have been living and loving my new life.

2010 has been and amazing year of growth both mentally, physically and spiritually.
my testimony has grown in the gospel and I was able to receive my Temple recommend to enter into Gods house which I am so proud of. I have been reading my scriptures and giving lessons at the FHE's. I have a strong testimony of Gods love for me.

This year I have learned to LOVE myself to be able to accept myself and to believe in myself. I am going after my dreams and not going to stop until I reach the top.

I cant wait for 2011 and beyond. I am keeping this positive attitude with an eye to an amazing future that awaits me with Gods help and guidance I can accomplish anything. I am grateful for all my friends who have been there for me when I was at my lowest point and were still there when I reached the other side of the darkness. I am glad to have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and I am ready to keep on running. I know there will be more mountains to climb and more tunnels to go thru but I am now ready for anything. I am going to miss those friends who are leaving california for school or missions, and will be welcoming back those coming home. As the wind blows so does life shift and life changes with it. WE must go with the flow and anticipate what will happen next.

Bring it on.. I LOVE YOU ALL. HAPPY NEW YEAR. may you be blessed and may your dreams come true as you work hard to achieve them!

                                                                      WELCOME 2011!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

the road to success is not easy :)

So I have been going to the gym for a few months now! AND I AM VERY HAPPY. I absolutley Love the gym. Get Fit 24/7 is an awesome place with really cool people. its a comfortable environment to go work out in. I like going to the gym, its a new adventure everyday. Randy Green my personal trainer at the Gym is amazing, He is very good and knows what he is doing, Im hope i can gather up enough money so i can start back into training with him again, I totally miss it... YES i said i miss training... yeah it may be hard, adn i may not want to do it when im there and he is telling me what to do, but I know now, from the results I am getting, ( 50 lbs down) that It is SO WORTH IT!!! I would so reccomend the gym to everyone and anyone. Get Fit 24/7 is fun and the staff is great! <3 I met my first fitness goal and im on to my next!

I cant wait to show you all the progress i will have made in one year, I am starting to keep pictures and records of my fitness adventure... STAY TUNED... <3