Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello 2013!~

Some big changes have happened this year!
First of all I started going to the Gym (TEAM PUMP) in Merced with my sister. The people there are so supportive and encouraging. UI don't feel like im being judged or looked at, I feel welcomed and comfortable. The work outs get intense but I Love them and push myself to finish everyone of them. I got 5 days a week Mon-Fri. On Fridays we go out into the city of merced to different places. Its fun using tractor tires and slosh pipes and ropes and other stuff! I have enjoyed working out and have so far in 2months I am down 30 lbs! Im on my way to a healthier lifestyle and this time I plan on keeping it off. I will reach my goal of 180 this time! Sept is my 10 year class reunion so im gonna work hard to lose as much as I can!

updates on life

well a lot of things have changed... most recently my best friend of 7 years ended our friendship. it was hard and I fell into a real bad depression but with the support of family and friends I was able to realize that he was a bad influence and was holding me back from becoming the best version of myself that I can be. he was not encouraging and always made me feel worthless. I have recently become more self aware and love myself. I am taking back my life one step at a time and have made some amazing progress. Im active in church and socially with my friends. I cant count how many times people have told me how much my countenance has changed and how much I glow. I am happier and enjoying life as much as I can.

I am planning on moving to Nashville, Tn. in February and checking out if I like it there, and look for jobs in the area. If I end up not liking it I will just come back home and finish school here and figure out a new plan! I cant wait, it feels like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulder, I love myself and feel as though for the first time I am living for myself!


 I have completed the Recon run (5k) at Modesto Resevoir.
The Neon Night Run at the Stanislaus county fairgrounds (5K)
I also completed my first 10k (6miles) at the Wharf-To-Wharf run from Santa Cruz, Ca. To Capitola, CA.
beautiful scenery and nice weather... Finished in just under 2 hours!

Weight loss and runs to be continued!