Monday, March 21, 2011

1st Goal with in arms reach!

So its almost eater, it about a month away now! I am 10 lbs away from my 100 lbs lost goal and I am hoping to be there by April 23!

Its so close I can almost reach it, It has been a long long long 7 months of hard work and pushing myself to limits I didnt know i could surpass.

Leaving the comfort zone and entering a new level I didnt know existed within myself

I want to thank first and Foremost Heavenly Father for the strength to follow through and helping me to get through each day with a new perspective and strength that has helped me through my new lifes adventures

Second and very important I need to Thank my Personal Trainer Randy Green, He has been a constant voice inside my head that when I want to give up I remind myself how hard I have worked and how much Randy has pushed me to help me achieve my long term Goal and I keep going, Him pushing me out of my comfort zone and taking it to that next level has been well worth every pain, every tear, and every cent That i have put into it. I cant express how much his training has meant to me.

third I need to thank my mom, my sister and our co worker Evelyn who have joined me in this fitness journey, who have been there to help me keep going, To uplift me when I want to quit and be that extra little push to make me keep going, and push me when I am not in training

lastley I want to thank all those people who have complimented me and gave me the confidence  to know that Im not just doing this for nothing, but that there is visible proof that I am making progress and that people do notice. It is a great reminder of why i am doing this and what im trying to accomplish, I have worked so hard and hard work shoud always receive praise. To all my friends and family I greatly appreciate you all.

also I guess I need to remember to thank myself, That I have had the drive and power inside me the whole time to get going on my goals and take life by the horns hold on a ride it out coming out of it with a healthy and a greater love for life in the end. I Thank myself for pushing myself and reminding myself that in the end all the pain will be worth it!!!