Friday, October 8, 2010

The unknown path

We all walk this path of life differently. We all encounter different struggles and different people. Some will have a rougher path than others and some will have a nice clear path. God has sent us here to grow and learn as we walk the road of mortality. I have come to find that even though my path has been full of rocks, mountain terrain, brush, thorns, darkness, it has also had its beaches, lake, and beautiful sunshine.
 I have learned alot from the path I have been making, There were times I would stop and just sit in the middle of the road and not want to go any further, That is when my friends path would come across mine, stop awhile pick me up and tell me that I needed to keep on moving. There were moments when I didnt feel Gods presence at those moments i felt the most despair and lost, at those times I felt as life want worth living anymore. I came close to letting go, but in those darkest scariest moments is when I lsiten for music, and it picks me up and draws me to it back out of the darkness. At the times in my youth of endless torture and bullying I found it harder to hear the music but somehow was able to get myself away from the dark thoughts of ending it all and bettering the world because I was not in it anymore. I found that through writing and listening to music I was able to escape the reality of the moment and escape into my dreams. Through walking this rugged path I have strengthened my feet to endure anything that my path has in store for me in the future. I have grown as my UNKNOWN PATH has been revealed moment by moment and day by day. I only recently found the joy of the unknown and cant wait to see what is in store. I have been blessed by the many trial and obstacles I have faced and will continue to grow with each new passing day. The future will be amazing because I will be strong and make the future what I want. If its to be its up to me. I will fight everyday to follow my dreams, I will fight anything and anyone who gets in my way. I am stronger now and am moving into a wonderful unknown future!

like one of my favorite quotes says:
"You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one."
Henry D. Thoreau

 (That hammering and forging comes from the trials and obstacles we face throughout our lives, without the lessons we have learned and with out the knowledge of overcoming and growing from thos trials we would noit be ourselves, we would not ...have the drive to move and push forward to accomplish the things we dream of. We will never accomplish our Goals without first endless hard work. I am running full force into the future, I cant wait to see what is in store, BECAUSE ITS GONNA BE AMAZING!)

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