Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life DOES have a soundtrack!

So as previously discussed in recent posts I have been working out 5 days a week and will now soon be starting my 8 sessions with my trainer. I am really excited because this is all part of my plans for the future. WELL!!!!

Imagine if you will 5 years old and you hear this voice, and that voice just happens to be Dolly Parton, and from that point on, for the rest of your life, All you have ever wanted was to be a singer, and like Dolly Parton Share your talents with the world! Well this is my story! I, at 5 years old, heard Dolly and fell in love with music, I didnt know at that point how important music would become to me in the future. I love to sing, I have always loved to sing, Being on stage is the one place where I feel the most comfortable and confident. I Never had self esteem growing up as my previous post about me growing up I was always overweight and hated myself but put me on stage and all of that went away. Had I not had music I probably would not have made it through my teen years. While I was going through depression I threw myself into writing lyrics, random lyrics about how I was feeling, I think that writing out those feelings, helped me to keep myself somewhat grounded and kept me from actually commiting suicide. It created a temporary escape when times got really bad. I keep the lyrics still today to remind me about what I went though to make me the amazing woman I am today, I Learned so much from my past and even though it was hard at the time it shaped me to be who I am. Music has been the most important thing for me, On a normal day you can find me working in my office and singing away to music on the radio, my ipod, or on my computer, in my car driving ill be singing to whatever song is on the radio, walking thru the store, SINGING :) working out i sing, in the shower i sing ( come on who doesnt LOL), Someday I will achieve my goal of becoming a singer, but for me its not about the fortune and fame, yeah that stuff is nice, but mostly its about following my dreams after ovecoming the bullying and other obstacles from my past. I want to be able to have influence and be able to help more young people who are struggling. I want to be able to use the expierences that I have went through to help others overcome the things they are facing. I want to be able to use my talents to help make others overcome there obstacle. I will follow my dreams forever, Always reaching for the stars,

As I go through my life the music in my soul, Heart and head is always turned on. Their is a song for every memory and a song for every event. The soundtrack of my life is one that has songs from ever corner of the music world, from classical to hard rock to country and pop to rap. Music is my life and my lungs are filled with music notes that just come out with every breathe.

Music to me is like breathing it is something that is need for me to live it is a part of my sould it is who I AM!

This soundtrack is never ending         

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