Thursday, September 15, 2011

as the white owl flies at night

So I decided to update my blog and lately I have seriously been dwelling on one thing. I have been Engrossed in White Owls and their symbolism.

Let me explain. Every night as I am driving no matter where I am A white owl flies along with my car and then takes off. This has been going on for a long time. I have encountered White owls my entire life Even when I am out walking at night I have seen white owls. So I decided to study them and their symbolism in different cultures.

Greeks, Romans, and Celts used the White Owl as symbol of:

Psychic Powers
The Angel of Death
The "Goddess" of night
Asian and European cultures used the Owl as a symbol of Wisdom and spiritualism.
I also found some interesting connections: My name Jennifer is derived from the ancient name Guinnevere and I tied that to King Arthur's Queen Guinnevere's name = "White Shadow" - Her symbol was the White Owl. I found that fanscinating

I have also found that a white owl is the messenger of death in alot of cultures which is a little scary since i see them every night.

I have also found another interesting point that in African culture the Owl Represents Wizardry and or witchcraft.

The white owl does not scare me I have come to adopt it as my spirit animal as my dear friend. I will always keep white owls close to my heart. They are wise beautifu land majestic.

If you have heard anything interesting about white owls let me know add a comment below...

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