Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures of Spontaneous Combustion

So traveling has been the biggest part of my life and one that I enjoy quite a bit! So lets start from the beginging, I think my love of traveling stems from my need to be a famous singer, out on the road on tour singing and entertaining my fans. I remeber joining the Foreign Language Club at my Junior High School and trying to learn every language I could, because "I Was Gonna Need It". well here I am at 25 I may not be this world famous singer yet but by Golly I am traveling the world! Upon graduating High School in 2003, I was given the oppurtunity to attend an educational tour of Spain! Yes I got to go flamenco across the country of Spain, From the ports of the Costa Del Sol to the BIG city of Madrid, I was floating on cloud nine. Well almost, if it wasnt for this being my first trip away from home and only my sister with me and me being seriously homesick the first 3 days it woulda been even more amazing! Well I still got to eat at a spainish McDonalds, Swim the medditerean sea, Roam through the streets of Cordoba, Play with Swords in Toledo, Run with the bulls and dance the night away in Seville, and roam the plazas and museums of Madrid. The people were kind and the food was interesting, bright colors and great places. From walking up the tallest tower with the steepest ramps, to visiting the place they filmed parts of Star Wars, to meeting new and interesting friends This trip was amazing!
  My next big memorable trip would have to be the most spontaneous. Satuday morning rolls around in 2005 and My family and I are just waking up early in the morning, we start discussing things to do and I say jokingly that we should jsut go to LA and universal studios, WELL thats exactly what we did, no planning, no place to stay we pack up the car pick up my friend and head South down interstate 5. Well that trip was AWESOME! we went to Universal Studios Rode the rides, played games, and then went to a live taping of a TV show! that was awesome and that was one of my first expieriences of singing in front of crowd of strangers, I wanted an autographed scipt so when the guy said who wants to sing us a song, I jumped up (literally outta my seat) and yelled HEY I DO!!! so I sang for that group of audience members between takes of the TV show with all eyes on me and even some of the actors still on set watching I belted out the song, I LOVE ROCK N ROLL! WOW That was a rush i will never forget and will want to keep expieriencing for the rest of my life! I got the script and was happy, the next day we went on a star homes tour and got to see the sights, visited the Kodak Museum where the academy awards and many other shows are filmed and had a grand ole time in Hollywood.
   The next memorable trip was when I flew to Texas so that I could drive home with my Best Friend Kris. See Kris is this amazing young woman who recently joined the ARMY. at first we werent really friends but soon became best friends after a comedy show, some laughter and many years of memories. Well Kris moved to houston to work and she was going to be driving back to California, well I flew there so that I could keep her company. that roadtrip was something I will never forget, from stopping in San Antonio and visiting the River Walk mall to Arizona and staying at a complete Bachelor pad and hanging out with some amazing friends (one of those boys would later break my heart). Hanging out with Kris was amazing, We took tons of pictures but better yet made lots of memories, from Remebering the Alamo to dancing at Coyote Ugly.
     NEW YORK CITY!!! yep got to go to New York, My mom was working of there doing some training for the USDA and was working at the Federal Market in the Bronx. Well seeing as she already had a hotel room which is one of the most expensive things to get when going to New York, My sister, Me and my Aunt decided we were going to go visit! and visit we did. WATCH OUT NEW YORK! I loved it there, For a girl who has music in her heart and a yearning to be on stage running through her veins New York was the place I wanted to be, The lights of time square were breath taking. well visiting Hard Rock Cafe and trying on a Sweater and hat, these ladies look back as the are walking out the door do a double take at which point i can hear..." Is that her, Oh my gosh it is" LOL made me laugh and smile! that is the feeling I cant wait to have for real when they are going to be saying that about me :) so we visited everything we could, China Town, The port, Boat tour next to elis island and statue of liberty, World Trade Center site, Rode the subway, Took a taxi, Rode the train to Grand Central station everyday, Played the Piano and FAO Schwarts, saw central park, watched the street performers, saw the empire state building and ate at Bubbas in Time square, and the most random, visited with a friend from back home who is living there! :)
    Nashville, TN. went off alone, boarded a plane and flew to Nashville, Following my dream, I was auditioning for a job to work at none other than DOLLYWOOD!!! it was awesome and exciting My bestie Kris who is currently stationed in Clarksville drove up with her friend and picked me up at the airport, then we headed off to my hotel, My room was on the 22 floor :) oh yeah it had a gret view :) so Kris and I went out, we walked down and saw the concert pavillion where the black eyed peas were playing and LMFAO was opening for them, come to find out later by seeing these bands in the elevator they were satying in the penthouse of my hotel! Kris and I walked the streets of nashville and had a grand time, We settled on dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe where we were invited to attend the After Concert party with Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO, Kris ahd to head back home so The party was unattended by me since I didnt feel safe going there alone late at night walking the streets of Nashville. Well I went to bed and arose the next day to the light of a new and exciting day. I got all dressed up did my hair and prepared for what could be a life changing audition, I headed down the elevator tho the terrace where the auditions were to be held. I sat and waited for the audition process to begin, I met an awesome girl named Miranda she is an amazing singer. Well the auditions were finished and I headed up to my room I was so happy to have just taking the leap to even go to Nashville alone and audition that I really didnt care all to much if I did get the job or not, I was hopin i would but who knows right (there is no script ...) Well soon after returning to my room I recieve a call from the front desk saying that two ladies would like me to meet them, Well i head back down and there is Miranda! She asks if I would like to go to lunch with them and I was like sure! Well I know that you shouldnt really get in a car with people you just met but they gave me the feeling that it would be ok, I never felt that It was a bad idea. well they took me to Cracker Barrel, OMG if you have not eaten at a Craker Bareel you better get yourself to one and try it cuz it was GOOOD! I had chicken fried chicken, lets just say YUM!!! well I was happy and having a great time with them, We headed back into dowtown Nashville, Parked out on a side street to headed down to a bar called Tootsies. upon exiting the truck this homeless man looking so hungry was sitting on the sidewalk next to the building, seeing as i could not possibly finish my meal I gave him what I had brought in my to-go container. I have never seen a man with so little Smile with such glory. or cry with such greatfullness, he even went and shared with the others that were around and homeless, that was a great expierence. We went to Tootsies and they have KAROKE! with a LIVE BAND! well I signed myself up and so did Miranda. Man Oh Man i Got that rush again up on that stage Singing to a huge bar full of people IN NASHVILLE!!!! it was amazing and I nailed it!!! well they dropped me off at the hotel we exchanged numbers and facebook info and they were off and headed back home to Illinois. and i was off to bed. Well after I stopped into the lounge a picked myself up a couple of shirley temples, took them up to my room and headed back to the restraunt and bought myself a valentines chocolate cake. Yep its valentines day.... so i got and amazing dessert and my shirley temples turned on a good movie and settled in for the night. the next morning I packed up and headed for the longest day ever. I spent all day in an Airport in Nashville, then almost missed my plane transfer in Houston, but was able to have my own row of seats and slept all the way home from Houston. That was ana amzing trip. I know your wondering if I got the job. No I did not get the job and I have not been back to Nashville (YET)
     ALOHA!!!! Maui, Hawaii for 7 days. We went and stayed at our timeshare. Me, Mom, Bridgette, McKenna, Tiffany, and her boyfriend Miguel. WE started our day by getting our excursion plans all mapped out. this is one time when we did have somewhat of a script outline for the week :). We started our vacation with bridgette, tif, and miguel awaking well before sunrise to go up to the top of the volcano haliakula to watch the sunrise and then bike back down when they got back we went to the Aquarium, and got to see all kinds of fish and play some interesting games, and interact with sharks. We then went out for pizza and had a good night back at the hotel swimming. the next day was all about snorkeling... OMG I Love snorkeling. we boarded our boat early in the morning and headed to the reef. we took a short lesson before deboarding our boat into the water. me with my underwater camera and fish all around, i started snapping pictures and discovering the wonderful sea life. soon it was time to depart and go to Turtle bay to visit sea turtles. I jumped off the boat and was off to discover the turtles and discover them I did not only were they big but they were so close.. they were beautiful and swimming with them was awesome. I snapped a few pics, saw some scuba divers following a turtle then headed back to the "underwater" tour. We boarded the ship and headed back to port as we were served food on our way back. one of the guys on the ship was hot his name was Makena, so we got a pic of Maken holding McKenna. the next day they 3 amigos went out for their zipline tour and had a blast and took a bunch of pictures while me mom and mckenna went shopping at the little shops that lined the streets nearby. the next day we headed to Hana. the Road to Hana is lined with dense brush and beautiful waterfalls. we stopped and hiked back to some and took some amazing pictures. we arrived in Hana and went and visited the seven pools took more pictures and then headed back to our timeshare. we drove past the restraunt Charlies... which is owned by Willie Nelson who was actually there the day we drove by I'm sorry I missed that oppurtunity.  SURFING!!! so saturday morning came and We all went surfing!!! I got up on my first try! it was exhilerating and scary at the same time. we took some pics and learned some tricks :). McKenna even got in on the action. We went out Geocaching that night and found a few and We all had a great time doing it. We attended a Luau that night and it was amazing and beautiful the dancers did a wonderful job and the music and food were fantastic. Well we did alot of swimming, got alot of sun, saw some cuties, Surfed, Snorkeled, Boated, Danced, Karaoked (yes i found a karaoke place and blew the audience away) shopped and took lots of photos.
    I have been to so many places... Like a cruise to Alaska where I karaoked every night and everyone on the ship new me and my family. A week in Portland to go to my cousins Graduation and staying at a beach front resort, finding sand dollars and meeting Sean Astin from the goonies at the house where Goonies was filmed. numerous trips to Minnesota when i was younger to visit Family and spending time at the Mall of America. Trips to disneyland both as a child and for my 24th birthday (which was free).Moving to Idaho and living for 4 month and attending school at BYUI, my first move away from home I was so homesick but was lucky enough to have great roomates and threw myself into my school work. A trip with friends to San Diego randomly meeting with church members from Arizona. Moving to Santa Barbara for a Month to escape an abusive threatening Ex. and living with my aunt and spending everyday on the beach and dancing and having fun with my cuz at night. A trip to San Fransisco where I would face my fear of heights with friends as we walked the Golden Gate Bridge then driving randomly to the beach in Half Moon Bay at like 11:00 pm at night. So many trips in such a short span of life.... and they are not over yet.... upcoming plans that may or may not change... another trip to Nashville, maybe a move to Santa Barbara.. and a possible trip to Europe
Traveling will always be a part of my life and now that I have learned to love flying I think I will take the workd by storm... Well keep a look out for my Tour bus in the near future cuz I will be touring and I will be coming to a concert venue near you in the future!

The above are some photos randomly from some of my adventures :)

For now the sponataneous combustion of travel will continue to grow and soon explode into my dreams coming true!

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