Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Too short

I remeber the day I found out that My best friend since Junior High was killed in a Hit-and-run accident like it just happened, It was a hot summer day on Thursday July 22, 2010. I was working like always at my desk when I logged onto Facebook to check my updates and chek on people attending my Highschool friends gathering. Well Amy lynn was one of those who were going to be in attendance, I scrolled onto her page and saw a message saying, RIP AMY. I freaked out and looked up her name in the local paper, When I read the story I freaked out, and could not believe that I was reading about My best friend, a girl the same age as me, someone I was close to and shared so many memories with, a Girl who was unfairly taken from this world by some idiot driver who has no remorse or care about another human being to hi someone, My best friend and then jsut keep on driving like nothing happened! My best friend AMY LYNN ALEXANDER was a wonderful mother to her two children a little girl and a little boy with autism. She cared for them and fought for them with all her heart and soul. Now What happened after her passing is even more shocking. The childrens Father, My best friends Ex husband, picks up the kids with his new fiance, New car seats and says that they are his kids and they will not be attending their mothers memorial service, and he also introduces the new fiance as their new mommy. SICK!!! there is still speculation that this certain individual is somewaht connected to My friends mysterious death. See she left her home Thrusday evening to go jogging with her niece whom is 10 years old. She posts a Facebook status saying" going running with my niece, gonna instill some healthy habits in her while she is young." Amy and her niece left there home traveling south on a country road about a mile from the home of Amy's sister. They stopped for a quick break  and some water, at which point they saw a White Chevy Suburban coming their direction they back up off the road toward a fence at the top of an incline, at which point it is said to seem the car sped up and swirved off the road toward them at which point dust flew and The vehicles passenger side struck Amy throwing her about 10 feet from where they were standing, Amy's niece only suffered a sore shoulder but will never forget the horrific scene of seeing her aunt laying lifeless on the side of the road. It is believed that Amy had pushed her niece out of the way before the car struck her saving her nieces life in the process. Amys nicec ran as fast as she could to a home nearby to call 911 by the time help arrived Amy had slipped out of this world and onto the next. There were candlelight vigils held in Amy's honor at the sight of the horrific accident where a Native American spiritual guide performed some custom rituals. I was able to help and attend a memorial service for Amy at Knights Ferry Recreation park, there was a short spiritual moment by a priest/native american, Sage was burned and spirits were cleansed. Amys family and friends shared memories and stories about the life of an amazing young women whom touched every persons life she came in contact with and was greatly loved by everyone who knew her. photos were looked at and shared. a small shrine of Amy's things was set up, a song was played in her honor and I sang a song called "If I Die Young" by the band perry in honor of this magnificent young women whom I was lucky to have been able to call My Best Friend. There have been leads but have lead only to dead ends in the attempt to capture the murdered who took a wonderful women from this world way too soon. But I still believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe she had accomplished the things here on earth she was supposed to or there are greater plans in store. We just dont know yet why she was taken but she is with God in a place so beautiful and is with her horses and rideing through the unfenced pastures of Heaven. She was and will forever be a cowgirl with the heart bigger than life itself. she was an angel on earth to everyone who knew her. She was and is loved by so many and will never be forgotten!

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