Thursday, September 23, 2010

No U-Turn

So today is the first day of my new life!!!! WOOWOO....Well actually its another first day in another change in my life making it even better.
I had my first work out at the gym today! I joined Get Fit 24/7 . Its a 24 hour Gym and its hardly ever busy which is why I like it so much!!!

So I will be working out everyday after I finish work, I am going to get fit for a happier healthier future! I am excited. I am hoping to be able to budget enough money to maybe work with the personal trainer, so we will see. But one way or another I am gonna be looking amazing in one year I will be down to happy weight and still working to become the person I am on the inside and seeing that on the outside as well.

I am begining a new chapter in my life and will soon be accomplishing the milestones of weight loss I have set for myself. I'm excited and going to stay motivated. But hand in hand with Prayer and Scripture study, I will be able to accomplis anything!

So 12 month from now my goal is to be under 300 lbs. and I will be happy at any weight under that. after that I will stay fit and running my life with prayer and faith in God. I will reach a healthy BMI and be happy and healthy.

I am asking my family and friend to help me out by keeping me motivated or donating some money so that I can get caught up on some bills and help counter the cost of the Gym Membership and possibly a few sessions with a personal trainer.

I am taking care of buisness, getting finances back in order, and living life as much as possible.

I am greatful to all those people close to me that have helped and been suportive thru a hard last year, this last year was so hard in fact I gain 60 lbs in one year, which is terrible!

I am taking back my life from this disease I have, I am a food addict and today is a new step in the right direction, making my own path, throwing the fork out of the road, getting out my flashlight and water and hiking thru the brush, cutting my own pather as I go.



  1. You go girl....what great motivation! You are going to do great.

  2. Jennifer, you are the most beautiful soulful creative person I know! You are an inspiration in your own right! I send my loving thoughts and meditations of success in all that you endeavor.... Anything at all that you need just call. Love auntie