Friday, September 24, 2010

lifestyles of the middle class

paydays are more like money exchanges. I am the middle man in a mass denomination transaction. I spread the money i worked so hard to earn out between two colleges, a loan, Medical bills, Doctors bills, and now a gym membership. I need to get back on track, I need to get my finances in order, or I am never going to be able to afford to go to college. Those things I am paying barely leave me enough money for groceries, Gas to get to and from work, and heaven forbid having any money to go out and have any fun with!!! Oh goodness.. I need to start paying my tithing and then have faith that things will get worked out. I have been to stretched with my money I have been so afraid to pay my 10% tithing to church beacause I didnt want to miss a bill or a payment, because unlike the church, those companies that arent getting paid will come after you and can ruin your life! Tithing is important to me, I have always tried to pay it and that is my problem!!! I have TRIED!!! now is the time to JUST DO IT!! like Nike says.. LOL

Money is tight and stress levels are high. I didnt want to spend money to join a Gym but, I need to get back into a healthy lifestyle, I need to lose weight so my future can fall into place! I will accomplish my GOALS which are my dreams! I will achieve them and follow them to the stars. I will shoot for the moon and even if I miss the moon well at least I know I reached the stars :) I will make the most out of everything Life my life to the fullest as much as possible and keep on trucking into a bright, mysterious and wonderful future!

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